Edinburgh Fringe Day #5

The first weekend of the Fringe is over and up to now we have had a fantastic response from our audience and the Edinburgh Fringe Visitors! The ‘girls on the pillars’ are doing tricks and will be teaching basic ninja moves everyday on the Royal Mile.

Now this is just a little taster of what MonixArts is doing in Edinburgh. With a show every day at 15:30, at Sweet Venues we want to entertain our audience and get them so excited that they are literally jumping off their seats. (Perfect example of our audience yesterday).

Reviews are coming out, and we welcome audience and participants to leave their comments on our Facebook page and/or Twitter.

So an update to this present day:

4 performances at Sweet Venues

3 taster shows at the Royal Mile

1 Flashmob by the Scott Monument

But wait! We have much more to come:

There are still 7 performances left at Sweet Venues (BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment!)

1 Flashmob at Edinburgh Zoo

and a Spot the Ninja challenge on the Royal Mile.


A fantastic cast, 6 Female dancers performing a martial arts piece followed by a dance inspired by the animals in the wildlife. A show not to be missed!

“Survival of the Fittest is well worth a watch for lovers of contemporary dance.” Broadway Baby ***


MonixArts Reporting from Edinburgh Fringe

So here we are on our first day in Edinburgh. Our day started at 8:45 in London when all the MonixArts cast took the 4 and-a-half hour train to Ediburgh Station. Carrying more luggage than ever filled with constumes, flyers, clothes, make-up and the occasional tracksuit for rehearsals, the six dancers spent most of their day at the fantastic Sweet Venues, located on Grassmarket. An extremely friendly and enthusiastic staff of Sweet Venues, helped the company settle in what will be its ‘resident’ theatre for the next 11 days.

With a meticulous tech rehearsal, ensuring that lights and sound are ready for the premiere of our newest double bill programme “Survival of the Fittest”, we continued in the late afternoon to enter our accommodation premises just a few minutes from the city centre.

We were greeted in a warm and friendly flat, where we slowly settled down, had a lovely warm meal together and slowly retired to our rooms to get some rest.

Tomorrow is a bright new day, with the first performance of Survival of the Fittest and our soon-to-be first Edinburgh Fringe adventure commencing with a bang!

Six female dancers performing two contemporary danceworks looking at violence. Fusing contemporary dance with martial arts, Nu.V.Na is followed by MonixArts newest choreography Fight or Flight, a dancework looking at the survival instinct. Inspired by the animals in the jungle, Fight or Flight tells the story of three lions in search of prey, when a buffalo comes to the rescue of a baby gazelle. Who will win? Only those attending will know.
1st – 11th August, 15:30 at Sweet Venues.

On a very related note, MonixArts is proud to announce a dance event in Edinburgh Zoo, where the company will be performing extracts from Fight or Flight. Dancers acting like animals with the animals. A fantastic opportunity to visit one extraordinary site in Edinburgh and support female artists. For more information:

From MonixArts, here in Edinburgh we wish you good night and let the Edinburgh Fringe fun begin!

Supporting Dancers and Women

The sun is shining and the weather is great!

MonixArts is in the studios rehearsing, working on our newest piece ‘Fight or Flight’ and fine tuning plans for Edinburgh Fringe 2013. With lots of fun and laughter, as well as hard work I am happy to say we are progressing steadily.

Tickets are out, so if you are in Edinburgh on 1st-11th August, come join us at Sweet Venues. You can buy your tickets now and take advantage of all the offers available!


Meanwhile we are planning some outdoor events. Keep your eyes out for us!

MonixArts wants it’s audience to be part of this journey, and we want to give you the opportunity to be part of the creation of Survival of the Fittest. We recently had a workshop at Chisenhale Dance Space. Had some fantastic participants and spent a whole day dancing. Further, our crowdfunding campaign is still active.

There are only 14 days till the deadline and we need all the support we can get for this exciting venture. We wouldn’t have come this far without your support, and we want to keep on going.  All we are asking is to donate as little as £1 or less than a cup of coffee, or a pint. Any amount is much appreciated. We know that not everyone can contribute to our project, so we ask you is to share the link with others and spread the news.

An all-female production, featuring contemporary dance with martial arts. Support female artists and the arts!


We can’t wait to see you in Edinburgh.

Sneak peeks to be posted here in the next coming days..

MonixArts Full-Day Workshop

Workshop poster

MonixArts is happy to announce that it will be holding a one-day intensive company workshop for professional dancers, recent graduates and dance enthusiasts! A full day focusing on contemporary dance and contact work, finishing with some of the company’s repertoire performed at  Resolution! and to be performed in Edinburgh Fringe this summer.

Workshop Details

This workshop offers an insight into Monica Nicolaides’ choreographic style and movement vocabulary, focusing on the importance of partner work and the idea of redirecting energy to create a pathway in contemporary dance.
The workshop is divided into three parts, starting with a contemporary class influenced by Cunningham and Release techniques, focusing on the articulation of the spine and the use of weight in movement.
During the Partner Work sessions, we will revise the basic principles of contact and use the idea of pressure and balancing as a means of approaching contact and partner work.
Finally, part of MonixArts repertory will be taught, which includes Nu.V.Na (martial arts with contemporary dance) and Fight or Flight,  which will be performed in Edinburgh Fringe in August 2013.
The workshop will be 5.30 hours with a 45 minute lunch break. Bring kneepads, water and lunch.
The studio will be available from 10:10am to warm up.


Contemporary Class
Partner work
Creative and Repertory
Date: 3rd June
Time: 10:30 – 16:00
Venue: Chisenhale Dance Space
Cost: £20 per person. (£35 for both if you bring a friend)


Email: monslol@gmail.com

It is a first come first served basis, so booking is essential.


Nu.V.Na on BBC Persia

Check it out!

MonixArts’ premiere of Nu.V.Na featured in an article for Resolution! on BBC Persia. Choreographer Monica Nicolaides briefly talks about Nu.V.Na at The Place. Watch extracts from the tech and last rehearsal from January 2013.

Many thanks to The Place and BBC Persia!!!


Edinburgh Fringe!

MonixArts is extremely happy to announce that it will be performing in Edinburgh Fringe 2013!

It’s exciting times, taking small steps one at a time, and we want you to be part of it! If you are in Edinburgh this August, come down to Sweet Venues and join us as part of our audience for our first double bill Survival of the Fittest.

Performances are at Sweet Venues from 1st-11th August 2013.

Tickets will soon be available through the Edinburgh Fringe Website www.edfringe.com.

We are currently working very hard to make sure the work is the best it can be. You can be part of our production process by Liking MonixArts on Facebook and Following us on Twitter. We will soon be holding workshops and classes, where you can train with us and learn part of the Survival of the Fittest‘s repertoire. Also, rehearsal videos and bloopers soon to follow. We want you to share your thoughts about the work with us.

All we are asking is to keep supporting us as you have been thus far. To help us share your work with others Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. Help us cover some of the costs for the Fringe by funding us on http://www.sponsume.com/project/survival-fittest-edinburgh-fringe-2013

Rewards include tickets for the performances, invitations to rehearsals and previews, as well as workshops and classes.

Your support has been absolutely fantastic and much appreciated. Stay tuned, more updates soon to follow!!

Arts Administrator/ Manager wanted!!

February was a bit of a quiet month, taking some time to rearrange our plans and organising a few things for MonixArts.
So here’s the deal:

MonixArts is looking for an Arts Manager/ Administrator to help with some of the organising and managing aspects. We have a few projects coming up and launching a few more services. This would suit someone looking for some part-time work, gain more experience in arts admin and wants to progress in the arts.

– Previous experience in arts administration and management
– Sociable and good networking skills
– Good organisation and planning skills
– Positive attitude
– Reliable
– Keen interest in dance

For more information and to apply please email you CV and a cover letter to monslol@gmail.com

Resolution! 2013

So update..
16th January is gone and pass. Nu.V.Na premiere has already happened and now is time to take a couple of days off from all the hard work and rest.

MonixArts would like to thank everyone that came along at The Place on Wednesday 16th January to support us. We were so happy to see friends and followers there as there is no show without an audience.

Reviews are out any day now, but nevertheless we would love to hear from you what you thought about it. 16th January may have been the first performance of Nu.V.Na but we certainly don’t want it to be the last and we all know that perfection does not exist. Thus, your feedback will actually help us target what needs improvement so that the next performance of Nu.V.Na and any other work is even better than before.

So first of all, a MASSIVE thank you to our wonderful dancers: Tiffany Atkinson, Hayley Chilvers, Karin Floengard and Isabel Slingerland. You have been wonderful to work with up to know and rehearsals with you lot was a treat.

Secondly, special thanks to a fantastic composer, Zory Burner – loved the music -, and to very talented fashion designer, Rachel Eleftheriou, who knows firsthand the chaos that comes with putting up a show.
A warm thank you to our lighting designer, Alistair Nicholson, you really know how to work the lights!

Finally, special thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the creative process, our followers on Twitter and Facebook and most importantly the audience who made the evening of 16th January.

So, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@MonixArts) and Facebook (MonixArts). Your opinions matter to us, so please send over feedback and any suggestions you would like us to look at.

Workshops and further performances to follow soon!


Christmas Holidays and New Beginnings!

Only 5 days till the beginning of 2013. With the festive season upon us we get to spend lots of time with friends and family, enjoy lovely food, share gifts and wishes and create memories.

So here’s to wishing everyone the best for the New Year. Maybe 2013 be all you hope and wish for, a time for new beginnings, progression to continuing adventures in every aspect of our lives.

Follow us on Twitter for #12daysofxmas by @MonixArts, for a new photo every day.

As a little treat from us, here’s the newest trailer of Nu.V.Na. A piece about violence based on the notion Nurture versus Nature, fusing contemporary dance with martial arts. Premiere on 16th January 2013 at the Robin Howard Theatre, The Place, London.

Tickets are available online:

Alternatively call the Box Office on 020 7121 1100
or In Person at The Place, 17 Duke’s Road, London WC1H 9PY

Buy tickets now to avoid disappointment!


First Presentation, two photoshoots and new trailer!

With Christmas around the corner it is not a surprise that everyone is running around like a madman trying to get things done. No difference here either! Rehearsals have been going great and I am so pleased!

The dancers are so professional and with such a happy and positive attitude, it is hard to have a rehearsal without lots of moments of laughter. So with only ONE month exactly from MonixArts’ debut in Resolution! 2013, it deems appropriate to reflect on Nu.V.Na‘s progress.

Music = Done!
Choreography = Almost there
Costumes = In the process of making!
Dancers = Fantastic
Collaborators = Extremely happy with
Website= Updated
Facebook Page and Twitter = Set up


All in all, it is safe to say that things are not too shabby. Not shabby at all! It is not to say that we don’t have a lot of work cut out for us, but it is only fair to have a few days off during the Christmas Holidays to rest, reset and recharge.

So what better way to end Rehearsals (Part 1) with a presentation (and feedback to reflect), two photoshoots (one outdoors and during rehearsal) and a new trailer soon to be publish on the website…

Stay tuned for new photos of Nu.V.Na and Trailer number 2.