Hand Me That Sound Finale!

So here we are, at the end of the Carlisle experience. The post-show day where I am back in London and the Hand Me That Sound project has been completed. 3 performances with 17 dancers onstage. Over 150 audience members, and excellent feedback on the work.

They worked hard, they did well on stage. A select number standing out (as expected in every show), with the rest being equally as strong. They work well as a team.

The story is strong and powerful. Now it can be developed into something bigger. Viewing this as stage #1 of the development process, it was a strong and dare I say successful stage #1. Leaving a few emotional audience members in tears (a complete surprise on my part, but also welcoming), the feedback was extremely useful for developing this work further.

The performers were an excellent group to work with and they should be proud.

Now back in Londonville we are getting ready for the next project!

Time for a well deserved rest