Week #8: Production week and 3 shows

The count down has began.

Monday began with the team taking on their technical roles. Lighting, sound, props, costume, set, backdrops, wings. All happening at the same time. We were in at 9 (well actually, THEY were in at 9, I was in the train somewhere near Lancaster at that time heading for Stanwix Theatre), we didn’t leave until 8pm. 11 hours, 1h lunch break, 2 30mins breaks.

I am impressed with their work ethic and how they all collaborated to get things done.

Tuesday was all about the lights. The lighting team knew it was crunch time for them. The others knew this had to be perfect. Plotting lights for 5-6 hours. A long lengthy process, which I thoroughly enjoy. We ended the day with a tech run. It went well, for a tech run. This is usually the moment I panic.

The first time a show is transferred from the studio to the stage. Will it, will it not work? It’s been a few days, what will it look like? I become a blank face with no expression (to the untrained eye), as I am busy writing notes. They good thing: they are used to it. The better thing: they know what I’m going to say.

Wednesday came and it was all about the show being on stage. It has to be good; well better than good. It has to be great! Why? Because we worked hard, because it’s an all or nothing show. Because it relies on them performing it great (as I know they can). Because if it doesn’t we won’t look good (and it would be a shame, because they can be great).

So here we are, Thursday before curtain call. The dress went OK. Yesterday went OK. Tonight should be better, because they are better than OK. I’m crossing my fingers, I’m staying quiet about my worries (because now is the time to build up their confidence rather than worry them about details), and am ready to give them a pep talk because they deserve it. And regardless, I’m proud of them. I just hope they are proud of themselves now.