Week #5: Choreo almost there

Despite my temptation to move rehearsals outside in the ‘small field’ by the studios last week, it has been a hectic couple of days. 

Progress.. 3/4 of the choreography is finalised – technically is more like 90% of it done with only some linking scenes missing – and 60% of the sound score is complete. The energy was booming, something I love witnessing when everyone is buzzing in the studio. It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to you!

Production is well underway, with costumes essentially finalised, props almost finished, and marketing pushing hard. ‘Hand me that Sound’ tickets are available, and if you would like to know more about the performances take a look at Hand me that Sound.

Cannot believe how fast this process is going. Yet, I’m enjoying every minute of it. (The luxuries of having a studio to yourself for full 8 weeks). Till next week peeps.

Keep signing!