MonixArts Reporting from Edinburgh Fringe

So here we are on our first day in Edinburgh. Our day started at 8:45 in London when all the MonixArts cast took the 4 and-a-half hour train to Ediburgh Station. Carrying more luggage than ever filled with constumes, flyers, clothes, make-up and the occasional tracksuit for rehearsals, the six dancers spent most of their day at the fantastic Sweet Venues, located on Grassmarket. An extremely friendly and enthusiastic staff of Sweet Venues, helped the company settle in what will be its ‘resident’ theatre for the next 11 days.

With a meticulous tech rehearsal, ensuring that lights and sound are ready for the premiere of our newest double bill programme “Survival of the Fittest”, we continued in the late afternoon to enter our accommodation premises just a few minutes from the city centre.

We were greeted in a warm and friendly flat, where we slowly settled down, had a lovely warm meal together and slowly retired to our rooms to get some rest.

Tomorrow is a bright new day, with the first performance of Survival of the Fittest and our soon-to-be first Edinburgh Fringe adventure commencing with a bang!

Six female dancers performing two contemporary danceworks looking at violence. Fusing contemporary dance with martial arts, Nu.V.Na is followed by MonixArts newest choreography Fight or Flight, a dancework looking at the survival instinct. Inspired by the animals in the jungle, Fight or Flight tells the story of three lions in search of prey, when a buffalo comes to the rescue of a baby gazelle. Who will win? Only those attending will know.
1st – 11th August, 15:30 at Sweet Venues.

On a very related note, MonixArts is proud to announce a dance event in Edinburgh Zoo, where the company will be performing extracts from Fight or Flight. Dancers acting like animals with the animals. A fantastic opportunity to visit one extraordinary site in Edinburgh and support female artists. For more information:

From MonixArts, here in Edinburgh we wish you good night and let the Edinburgh Fringe fun begin!